Annual General Meeting

2020 AGM

TAMS’ next AGM will be held in 2020. Date and time to be advised.

Past AGMs

The last AGM was held on Sunday, 29 September 2019 at the 2019 TAMS Conference.

At the AGM the following TAMS members were elected by the membership to the following positions. 

  • David Mayne – Chair
  • Kristin Sinclair – Vice Chair, Treasurer, Membership
  • Heather Mayne – Secretary & Public Officer, Conference Chair
  • Suzanne Dickinson – National Support Group Chair
  • Pamela Mathieson – ordinary member
  • Cindy Cluett – ordinary member
  • Suzie Ammerer – ordinary member

We congratulate and support your committee as advocates for mastocytosis care, support, education and research within Australasia.

The first TAMS Committee was originally formed in January 2012 with the aim of raising the profile of mastocytosis and MCAD and its sufferers in Australasia, and developing a support network for patients, carers and physicians. The committee is made up of Mastocytosis and MCAD sufferers and carers.

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