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TAMS will bring you information as it becomes available on upcoming clinical trials in Australia.

Cogent Summit Non-Advanced Systemic Mastocytosis clinical trial

Summit Clinical Trial Site: Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown, NSW
Primary Investigator: Dr Derek McCulloch
Trial Name: Summit
Diagnosis: Non-advanced Systemic Mastocytosis: Smoldering, Indolent or Bone Marrow Mastocytosis

If you are interested in applying for the Summit Clinical Trial at RPA Hospital, please speak with your GP or specialist:

  • Please ask for a referral from your GP or specialist for a consultation with Dr Derek McCulloch, the site’s Haematologist on the Clinical Trial
  • Your GP or specialists can email Olivia Rowntree, Trials Lead, Institute of Haematology, SLHD, RPA Hospital (olivia.rowntree@health.nsw.gov.au) directly to find out more about the referral process if they’re not familiar with it already
  • Your GP or specialist should send their referral to Oliva via the above email address
  • To help TAMS stay informed about new trial opportunities as they emerge, please notify Olivia that you were informed about the Summit Clinical Trial by TAMS

Read more about the trial.

NCT04996875: A Phase 2 Open-Label, Multicenter Clinical Study of the Safety, Efficacy, Pharmacokinetic, and Pharmacodynamic Profiles of CGT9486 as a Single Agent in Patients With Advanced Systemic Mastocytosis

This study is investigating targeted therapy (bezuclastinib) for the treatment of advanced systemic mastocytosis (AdvSM), including people with Aggressive SM( ASM), SM with associated haematologic neoplasm (SM-AHN), and Mast Cell Leukaemia (MCL).

This trial is treating patients with mast cell leukaemia, aggressive systemic mastocytosis, and systemic mastocytosis with an associated haematologic neoplasm.

This is a systemic therapy trial.

Read more about the trial.


Blueprint Medicines Corporation’s HARBOR study

Two Australian hospitals participated in Blueprint Medicines Corporation’s HARBOR study – The Alfred Hospital in Victoria and Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane.

This study tested BLU-263, an investigational study drug, in people with indolent systemic mastocytosis (ISM). This study also included people with monoclonal mast cell activation syndrome (mMCAS).

Recruitment for this trial is closed.

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