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This is an alert regarding Famotidine and Nizatidine, now both listed on the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Medicine Shortage Reports Database (the Database).

All Famotidine is currently listed as “Unavailable” with an anticipated return-to-market date of 29 December 2023. Nizatidine has also been listed on the Database for several months, however, following an update on 23 August 2023, return-to-market dates have been extended, with the majority of Nizatidine not projected to return until 2 February 2024. While a few products are still listed as “Limited Availability”, this typically means the product is available on backorder at the request of healthcare professionals.

Please be reminded that shortage resolution dates can be reduced or extended, so it is useful to check for updates regularly. If you are or will be impacted by this, please take steps to ensure undisrupted access to suitable medications. 

Those impacted by the shortage are recommended to take the following steps: 

Notify your specialist

If you currently rely on Famotidine or Nizatidine, we urge you to promptly notify your specialist about the shortages either directly or through their reception team via phone or email. This proactive communication is vital in obtaining timely guidance on managing your medication needs until the shortages are resolved.

While some specialists may be able to approve a simple change from commercial to compounded medications via email or phone, appointments will likely be required to discuss moving to new medication or to authorise medications via the Personal Importation Scheme or Special Access Scheme.

For those who may find it helpful, TAMS has drafted two template emails to aid in promptly raising the matter of the shortage with your specialist:

Disclaimer: Dates in these templates are accurate as of Monday, 4 September 2023. To ensure that your specialist receives the most current information, we strongly recommend verifying and updating any dates before sending correspondence to your specialist.”

Inform your General Practitioner (GP)

If direct communication with your specialist, including via their reception team, is not feasible, involving your GP may be an effective alternative. Your GP may be able to liaise with the specialist via phone or written correspondence to better establish what options are best suited in your individual circumstances. Recommendations might involve transitioning to non-H2 antagonist medications or compounded H2 antagonists.

Contact your pharmacy

If you have scripts/repeats remaining for Famotidine or Nizatidine, please engage with your Pharmacy to establish if adequate stock is available in-house or which can be ordered through suppliers and reserved for you to ensure that all repeats on your script can be filled.

Pricing for compounded medications

Please be reminded that compounding chemists are free to set and adjust their prices as they see fit. As such, we recommend seeking multiple quotes, including from interstate chemists. When you find an agreeable price, it can also be beneficial to ask if the chemist will “lock in” pricing for the duration of repeats on the script. Please note this is not required of chemists.

TAMS has compiled a list of compounding chemists from each region to assist individuals transitioning to compounded medication during the shortages to make multiple inquiries and ensure agreeable pricing.

Australian Capital Territory 

Name RegionContact 
Canberra Compounding ChemistsAinslie 2602PH: (02) 6248 7708
Pharmasave Woden Pharmacy CompoundingPhillip 2606PH: (02) 6282 3960


New South Wales 

Name RegionContact 
Nile Compounding ChemistArncliffe, 2205PH: (02) 9597 5990
Reda Compounding ChemistFairfield, 2165PH: (02) 8722 0779
Kingsway CompoundingBrookvale, 2100PH: 1300 564 799
TerryWhite Chemmart Chatswood CompoundingChatswood, 2067PH: (02) 9419 4626
Amcal Compounding PharmacyBalmain, 2041PH: (02) 9818 5822
Windang Pharmacy And Compounding CentreWindang, 2528PH: (02) 4295 1901
Your Discount Chemist Port Macquarie, 2444PH: (02) 6585 9200
Hospital Hill PharmacyWollongong, 2500PH: (02) 42294131
Bellambi PharmacyBellambi, 2518PH: (02) 4284 3985
Pharmacy 777Albion Park, 2527PH: (02) 4256 4610
Queanbeyan CompoundingKarabar, 2620PH: (02) 6297 3670
NexGen PharmaCastle Hill, 2154PH: (02) 8840 2779



Name RegionContact 
Victoria Point PharmacyVictoria Point, 4165PH: (07) 3207 7481
Camira Pharmacy Compounding ChemistCamira, 4300PH: (07) 3818 6588
Aspley Day & Night PharmacyAspley, 4034PH: (07) 3263 9206
Tugun Compounding PharmacyTugun, 4224PH: (07) 5598 2411
Mix Pharmacy SpringwoodIpswich, 4305PH: (07) 3281 2061
The Wesley PharmacyMilton, 4064PH: (07) 3371 1754
Scotts Street PharmacyToowoomba, 4350PH: (07) 4638 2538
TerryWhite Chemmart Belgian Gardens CompoundingBelgian Gardens, 4810PH: (07) 4771 5565
National Custom CompoundingMerrimac, 4226PH: 0447 012 709



Name RegionContact 
Elixir Compounding PharmacyFerntree Gully 3156PH: (03) 9758 8375
HealthSmart Pharmacy VCCCMelbourne 3052PH: (03) 9045 9777
HealthSmart Pharmacy AlfredMelbourne, 3004PH: (03) 9521 2233
Heathershaw’s Compounding PharmacyGlen Iris 3146PH: (03) 9509 7912
Melbourne Compounding CentreSeddon 3011PH: (03) 9689 0833
Slade PharmacyWaverley 3149PH: (03) 9565 4400
Hampshire Pharmacy CompoundingSunshine 3020PH: (03) 9311 1417
Thompson’s PharmacyEltham 3095PH: (03) 9439 9249
South Melbourne Compounding PharmacySouth Melbourne 3205PH: (03) 9690 5240
Craven’s Compounding PharmacyAlbert Park 3206PH: (03) 9690 5426


Western Australia

Name RegionContact 
Oxford CompoundingNorth Perth 6006PH: (08) 9225 9400
Fremantle Central PharmacyFremantle 6160PH: (08) 9335 2786
McKenzies Compounding ChemistMt Lawley 6050PH: (08) 9272 8726
Kalgoorlie PharmacyKalgoorlie 6430PH: (08) 9091 2221
Main Street PharmacyOsborne Park 6017PH: (08) 9344 2625


South Australia

Name RegionContact 
Pooraka Compounding PharmacyPooraka 5095PH: (08) 8349 8551
Marion Compounding PharmacyMarion 5043PH: (08) 8276 8600
TerryWhite Chemmart Marion CompoundingMarion 5043PH: (08) 8276 8600
Green Dispensary CompoundingSt Peters, 5069PH: 1300 622 262


Northern Territory 

Name RegionContact 
Winnellie Compounding PharmacyThe Narrows, 0820PH: (08) 8981 6888


Name RegionContact 
Terry White Chemmart Rosny ParkRosny Park, 7018PH: (03) 6244 3921
Priceline Pharmacy Launceston PlazaLaunceston, 7250PH: (03) 6331 7737

Photo by Christine Sandu on Unsplash

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