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Join us for Part 2 on 9 Dec

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by leonardocharra, Creative Commons

At our Support meeting on Sunday, 24 November, it was acknowledged that our emotional state can have an effect on our illness, and vice versa. This can be positive or negative.

Some members felt that unacknowledged grief was significant in escalating their Mast Cell Disease (MCD) symptoms, and that having become aware of these feelings since reading the article (Good Grief), they felt motivated and empowered to express those feelings.

It was also said that people with mast cell diseases are highly likely to experience some challenges emotionally and mentally, due to the nature of this disease, and some felt that this was inevitable, particularly in relation to anxiety and/or depression.

In general, many in the group found it frustrating and difficult when their suffering was poorly understood by some of the medical profession, and by family and friends. This sense of isolation can be exacerbated by geographical remoteness whereby appropriate medical support is limited, which in turn adds further distress and illness symptoms.

The main takeaway from the meeting was that awareness is the key to unlocking our feelings and gaining knowledge about how emotions are generated within our bodies is also part of becoming more positive and empowered. Learning how to have control over our responses to difficult situations that are present in our lives is a first step toward better health.

At our next meeting on 9 December, we will further discuss the issues that can impact our health, and also look at solutions/strategies for better personal management.

Below are some suggested links which may be worth reading/watching before the next meeting. In each link is information about how our brain and nervous system function together and how we can intervene positively in this process.

Part 2 of ‘Good Grief’ will be discussed at the final support meeting for the year on Saturday, 9 December 2023, following our AGM. Register to attend our 9 December support meeting.

Sue Dickinson
TAMS Support Chair

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