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Living with a chronic illness can feel like we are always at the beginning, both physically and mentally. No matter how many times we think we have prepared for a flare of our illness, it can seem like we have achieved little progress or improvement in the management of our condition. Over time, this can take a massive toll upon our ability to cope and we wonder how we can continue. Burnout may always be on the horizon.

As sufferers of a mast cell disease, this is an ever present reality, and whilst we may not be successful in our mission towards achieving some sort of remission phase or break from relentless illness, there may be ways in which we can assist our brains to carry on with the challenges presented on a daily basis.

Some ideas shared by Olympic athletes could be considered helpful in managing the long haul created by our unwell bodies and weary minds. Such tips as setting realistic goals, creating healthy boundaries, taking time to rest, accepting our limitations and celebrating small victories. There are many more!

At our next online Support Meeting on Saturday, 24 June, 4–5 pm AEST, TAMS invites you to share your tips for living well and realistically with a mast cell disease. Support on this journey is also an invaluable aid for maintaining positive mental health and we can learn so much from one another.

See you there. Register online to attend.

Sue Dickinson
TAMS Support Chair

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