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Welcome to TAMS’s dedicated page for carers supporting individuals with mast cell diseases (MCDs).

Caring for someone with an MCD can be demanding and challenging, requiring dedication, patience and compassion.

As part of TAMS’ commitment to supporting all individuals affected by MCDs, we’ve compiled resources specifically for carers. These resources aim to provide easy access to assistance, including personal and psychological support, ensuring carers can maintain their wellbeing while continuing to provide invaluable help to their loved ones.

If you are a carer and know of a resource that you think could benefit others, please email us your suggestions

Australian carer resources

Carer Gateway provides a range of support services for carers, including information, counselling, respite care and financial assistance.

Carers Australia provides support, advocacy and resources for carers, including those caring for a spouse.

MyTime provides a space where parents and carers of children with disability, chronic illness and other special needs, can feel understood, share ideas and access quality information and resources. When attending local MyTime group sessions carers will be supported with skilled guidance from trained facilitators.

Young Carers Network provides unpaid carers up to 25 years of age assistance with practical issues, support and resources including mindfulness activities, available on demand. They also assist with financial issues via the Young Carers Bursary Program.

Young Carers Connect provides a safe online space for young carers aged 12–25 years to engage with each other, find support, share stories, play games and have a laugh. Sessions run fortnightly in two age groups, 12–17 years and 18–25 years. Facilitated by Relationships Australia Canberra and Region in partnership with Carers Australia.

Carers Support provides services for carers to address their needs and wants. Offering many online resources on topics such as how to share the load as a carer, how to plan for the future, how to engage in self-care and much more.

Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) provides support for frail older Australians who are aged 65 years or over (50 or over for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples) and have functional limitations and need assistance to live independently at home. The CHSP also supports carers by providing a chance for carers to take a break via the National Respite for Carers Program (NRCP).

Aotearoa New Zealand carer resources

Carers New Zealand provide a wide variety of support and services to family carers, including advice and learning programs, assistance for carers who also work, opportunities to connect with other carers at meetups, planning guides, important resources on the need to take breaks, resources for young carers and much more.

Parent to Parent New Zealand provides support, information and connection for parents and carers of children with disabilities or health impairments. They also offer a number of supports for siblings (child – adult) to help them overcome challenges and in their own unique family environment.

Rare Disorders NZ provides resources for patients and carers of children with rare conditions. In February 2023 Rare Disorders NZ released a written guide for parents and caregivers to help with navigating the path of caring for a child with a rare disorder in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Carer Support Subsidy
Te Whatu Ora – Health New Zealand provides full-time carers, including those who care for individuals with chronic illness, with a subsidy based on individual assessment, which helps carers take some time out for themselves. It provides reimbursement for some of the costs of care and support for the recipient of care, while carers have a break (respite).


Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

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