TAMS Online Support Groups

TAMS runs free quarterly Zoom support groups for members and potential members. Come along and safely share, listen and vent your thoughts and experiences.


March 2023

TAMS members and friends are invited to join TAMS support chair Sue Dickinson and vice chair Kristin Sinclair for a special online support group, as we explore the curse of invisibility.

WHEN: Saturday, 25 March 2023
TIME: 4-5 pm AEDT
WHERE: Zoom (register online to attend)

We would love to hear from you about your power at managing invisibility in both its forms. There are undoubtedly some strategies that we can share which perhaps work almost like an invisibility cloak and achieve similar results. Our collective strength is our magic wand!

We would love to hear from you about the ways in which you have made yourself ‘invisible’ when needed.

We would also love to hear what you have found helpful in countering that sense of insignificance which can come from others not understanding your ‘invisible’ mast cell disease, and how we can better explain it.

Register online to attend.

All welcome.


TAMS 2023 Member Support Meetings

  • Saturday, 25 March, 4–5 pm AEDT
  • Saturday, 24 June, 4–5 pm AEST
  • Saturday, 23 September, 4–5 pm AEST
  • Saturday, 9 December, 4–5 pm AEDT (Support + end of year/festive party)


Education Webinars

In 2023 we are hosting regular Education Zoom webinars for members. Put these dates on your calendar.


Facebook support groups

Do you suffer from Mastocytosis or MCAD? Join the Australasian Mastocytosis and MCAD Facebook Support Group.

Carers are invited to join the Mastocytosis Australasia Carers (MAC) Facebook Support Group.

TAMS Face to Face Support Groups

TAMS hopes to resume face to face support groups in 2023, depending on government advice re the pandemic.

Anyone wishing to host a support group meeting in their area, please contact Sue


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