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TAMS Online Support Webinars

Connect with others with a mast cell disease and learn from support professionals with our free Zoom support webinars for members and potential members.

Living with a rare disease can be isolating and challenging due to the limited understanding of the condition within the general population and even the medical community. Our TAMS Zoom support webinars are theme-based. Registration links are provided in the lead-up via our member and public newsletters and our Facebook page.

TAMS Facebook Support Groups

TAMS runs private Facebook Support Groups tailored for individuals living with or undergoing investigation for mastocytosis, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, or symptomatic Hereditary Alpha Tryptasemia. These groups operate independently of TAMS membership, and provide an environment where individuals can engage as peers in secure, moderated spaces.

Whether you’re a patient, caregiver or closely linked to someone living with a suspected or confirmed mast cell disorder, TAMS has a group where you can connect with others who share similar personal experiences and can understand the daily challenges of navigating life with chronic illness.

In addition to peer connections in these groups, TAMS frequently offers ad-hoc information, including well-respected medical literature and third-party resources to assist you on your journey.


TAMS Facebook Support Groups

  • Patient Support: For individuals living with or suspected of a mast cell disorder, as well as parents or primary caregivers of children under 16 living with or suspected of such a disorder.
  • Carers: For carers, family members and friends of individuals of any age living with or investigating mast cell disorders.
  • Advanced Systemic Mastocytosis: For individuals diagnosed with or under investigation for Advanced Systemic Mastocytosis (all variants), Mast Cell Sarcoma, Mast Cell Leukaemia and their primary caregivers.
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